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Smart Electric Blinds

Smart Electric Blinds


Electric Zebra Blinds

Our electric zebra blinds are made of two layers of fabric, one cloth and one yarn. The interlacing of the front and back two layers of fabric achieves the functions of light adjustment, shading, and ventilation. The electric zebra blinds control the opening and closing of the curtains via the motor, allowing the curtains to be opened and closed at will, and intelligent life is beautiful and advanced!


Electric Roller Blinds

Home automation is becoming increasingly important in today's society, with an increasing number of business and domestic users opting for a system that can be controlled via a Smart system, iPad, or iPhone.


Electric Venetian Blinds

Color-coordinated head and bottom rails keep the appearance of your windows consistent and seamless. These blinds can be customized with a cordless option, cloth tapes, and popular color options. The cordless option allows you to keep your young children safe while maintaining much-needed privacy in your home, and cloth tapes add extra style.


Electric 127mm Vertical Blinds

The electric vertical blind has a swing-page structure, the leaf can be rotated 180 degrees, and the blind can be adjusted and retracted via mechanical transmission, which can not only adjust the indoor light at will, but also ventilate and ventilate, and achieve the purpose of shading. Electric vertical blinds combine functionality, style, and artistic sensibility.


Electric 89mm Vertical Blinds

Classic vertical blinds are made of simple yet long-lasting materials such as PVC, faux wood, and fabric, with options to match any decor. Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding glass or patio doors and are among the most easily cleaned window treatments.


Smart Roller Blinds

Smart roller blinds are a type of curtain that is driven by a motor to roll and run, and they are classified as electric curtains. Specifically, smart electric roller blinds add control methods such as radio remote control, computer platform control, timing remote control, light control, temperature control, wind control, and so on to the manual switch control.


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