What is Cordless Venetian Blinds?
2022-11-28 09:58:32

What is Cordless Venetian Blinds?

Is your home really safe? If there are children in the family, safety should be the first consideration from furniture to space design. All over the world, there have been incidents of child casualties caused by curtain rope pulling, and foreign countries have legislated to forcibly regulate the safety and design of curtain products. Therefore, more and more families choose to install cordless Venetian blinds to improve home safety.


But what and how do operate the cordless blinds?


Spring cordless mini blind.jpg


What is a cordless Venetian blind?


Cordless Venetian blinds, that is, the ropes connecting the curtain pieces are replaced with springs, which are used to adjust the stretching of the blind curtain. The curtain without a drawstring does not need to be controlled by a drawstring. The height of the curtain can be adjusted by pushing it with bare hands.


Advantages and disadvantages of cordless Venetian blinds


Safe, convenient, and beautiful


The bead chains and rope loops that may cause danger are not only safer in operation, but also simpler in appearance.


Not suitable for windows that are too high


As long as it exceeds the maximum height of the hand, it must be operated by auxiliary tools, which is not as convenient as the general rope-pulling system.

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