The Benefits of Electric Zebra Blinds
2022-11-29 11:25:25

The Benefits of Electric Zebra Blinds

Electric zebra blinds have been used more and more widely, and they are often used in various places. What are their advantages of them?




Good daylighting


It can adjust the blades and control the lighting and shading in the room at will. It has good ventilation performance. When the blade is adjusted to 90 degrees, it can achieve large vision and ventilation. It can also effectively block the wind and rain.


When the blades are closed, the window sash is in an airtight state, and the double-layer hollow design of the shutter tail can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and isolate the outdoor high temperature. It can also reduce noise by more than 30 decibels. It can be combined with the fire control linkage as the gate for automatic smoke exhaust and heat dissipation.


Adjustable light occlusion


Electric zebra blinds can modulate indoor light according to personal needs, which is never possible with fabric curtains. Another advantage is that it is clean and easy to clean. Thick fabric curtains are easy to stick "dust mites", while shutters will not. It not only won't stick dust mites, but also can achieve great ventilation effect.


Cost savings


For windows of the same area, it is cheaper to use electric blinds than fabric curtains. Because the curtain products should exceed the actual area of the window, and the electric blinds are basically the practical area of the window.


The electric zebra blinds can give you a new feeling of fashion, novelty and technology. Because the electric shutters have regular gaps, the light is very regular. Unlike other types of curtains, the light is chaotic.

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